Kick-Off Your Weekend in Wheaton

Talk about sports, I dig ’em.  From the Nats to the Caps and even D.C. United there are a ton of sports teams to root for in our part of town.

When I’m not hanging in our rooftop lounge catching the games, I’m at The Limerick Pub watching the play-by-play and taking advantage of their weekly specials.  Oh, and all day on Football Sunday they have tons of deals to celebrate the sport we love. GO SKINS!  With $3.00-$5.00 drafts, wing deals and more, you won’t leave thirsty or hungry.

We also HAVE TO mention their Sunday brunch.  It’s yummy!  Also, they have a mean Bloody Mary that you have to try.  I mean, why not get there early enough to snag brunch and stay for the games?  That sounds like paradise to me.

Lastly, this is no regular watering hole; they have special events all month long!  Check them out on their event page.






There’s Tons to Woof About Wheaton

Dof Lounging

What does the city of Wheaton have in common with The George? Give up?  They both love furry four-legged friends.

My community allows dogs with no weight limit.*  How cool is that?!

Love outdoorsy stuff?  Wheaton regional Park is close-by and just happens to have a half-acre dog park for the pooch.  Now we know the pup can get a little dirty running around with all her/his new friends and all, so there’s also a pet wash station at The George to help with the clean-up before heading back to the apartment.

Plus we’re literally down the street from Kindness Animal Hospital, which will love your pet almost as much as you do!  From emergency services to yearly checkups, even acupuncture and more – for your furry friend, you’ll have everything for your pet close to home. Check out their website, where new patients can get 25% off their first visit.


Stay pawsitive, peeps!



*Breed restrictions apply.

You Have to Thai (Sorry – TRY) This

thai blog

Here I am – looking for a restaurant in walking distance from our community and I come upon Nava Thai.

O. M. G!

Guys, it’s delicious. Like, more than delicious…hmmm…extraordinary.  Yes, that’s it, extraordinary.

After being seated, my server took my order.  I ordered the Sizzling Pan Fried Beef for an appetizer. The sauce that comes with this dish is yummy as all get out. The menu says, “…spicy and sour sauce..,” but I swear it’s so much more than that.

For the main course, I ordered their Pad Thai.  In addition to the traditional Pad Thai, their dish also included shrimp (without any upcharge – cha-ching).  Anywho, this dish was as massive as it was good. I literally could not finish it, but I sure did the next day for lunch!

I’m making it my mission to be able to get dessert next time, even if I’m just as full. Word is that their Sweet Sticky Rice and Mango is delish, along with their Coconut Custard Cake.  Actually, maybe I’ll just go back right now…

…shoot, I wanted to tell you the other places I’ve been eyeing (once I can button my pants again). In case you make it there before me, let me know how it was in the comments below!  So, Full Key Restaurant, Mi La Cay and Nick’s Diner are my “next ups.”



Jam Out to Wheaton

Music Center

I’m really quite a simple guy…until it comes to music.  I love, like, looove a good beat.  So, being in Wheaton and all – I’m a frequent visitor of our local music center: Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center.  Name something that has to do with music. Come on…anything…

Guitars?  Got ‘em.

Drums?  Same.

DJs?  Done!

Seriously, people, it’s an awesome fantastical haven of music.  Oh, the people there are super cool.  Seriously!  One time I needed to know something about tuning my guitar and the peeps literally walked me through it.  (Yes…I can tune a guitar on my own now…thanks for bringing it up.)

Any who, check them out…and tell them George sent you.


Rock on!


On the Hunt…


Hey Wheaton wannabes and localbes…just go with it…I hope you’ve had a great week.  It was fun introducing myself to you last week, but this is where we start getting serious (kind of, not really, you’ll see).  My goal, as I mentioned last week, is to tell you what I love to do around town and the conveniences of living in Wheaton.

Let’s start with the METRO this week.  It’s no secret that living near public transportation is a huge plus when you live in a metropolis area like D.C.  I am literally steps to the Wheaton METRO red line station.  Since some of my friends live in D.C. and across the river in that Virginia place, it’s great to be able to meet up with them downtown every once in a while.  Also, I love living two stops from the Silver Spring METRO (I have some friends there too), that’s where Discovery’s headquarters are. You know – that building with a shark coming out of it. By the way, the shark’s name is Chompie and I met him. On the METRO! (P.S. Happy Shark Week!).

Mainly, I like having the accessibility of the METRO from my own home.  With friends scattered all over, I can get to them and they can get to me.  I mostly love when they come to my place though – my rooftop is A-MAZ-ING (and it makes them all jealous).

Until next week, stay cool, but not cooler than me.  Ugh, I’m cheesy sometimes…at least I’ll admit it.


Hey, I’m George.


Hey, I’m George.  Yeah, you probably already know that I’m a resident of Wheaton…and I am obsessed.  Well, it’s kind of hard not to be, I mean – there is a ton to do.

Prove it?



So, starting next week I’m going to chronicle my visits through town.  Every week I will show you some of my favorite eateries, local shops and other conveniences of making Wheaton the place to be.  You can keep up with me right here on my blog.  Oh, and follow me on social media.  See the icons at the veeeerrrryyyy bottom right?  Click those.

You may even be able to get a sur-PRIZE along the way (more details about that later)!


See you next week!