Sky High Wheaton Living

Sky High Wheaton Living

Up, up and away…on our rooftop! I love it up here. I just saw the partial solar eclipse last night, while grilling a couple fillets I got at the grocery store (ONLY a block away).

Just last week, before it turned burrrrrrr, I had my friends over to have a bottle of wine and hung by the water+fire pit. It’s totally awesome. In a nut shell, it’s fire floating on water.

Okay, so you’re saying it’s getting cold, but they have an inside area too! There are expansive views from the gym to the indoor lounge area. It’s really quite perfect. Oh, and last Sunday I had a few of my best buds over to watch the game on one of the many TVs.

If you’re one of my neighbors you’ve probably been up here and love it as much as I do. Not my neighbor? Then get over here already and see what you’re missing.

“Please won’t you be my neighbor?”