You Have to Thai (Sorry – TRY) This

You Have to Thai (Sorry – TRY) This

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Here I am – looking for a restaurant in walking distance from our community and I come upon Nava Thai.

O. M. G!

Guys, it’s delicious. Like, more than delicious…hmmm…extraordinary.  Yes, that’s it, extraordinary.

After being seated, my server took my order.  I ordered the Sizzling Pan Fried Beef for an appetizer. The sauce that comes with this dish is yummy as all get out. The menu says, “…spicy and sour sauce..,” but I swear it’s so much more than that.

For the main course, I ordered their Pad Thai.  In addition to the traditional Pad Thai, their dish also included shrimp (without any upcharge – cha-ching).  Anywho, this dish was as massive as it was good. I literally could not finish it, but I sure did the next day for lunch!

I’m making it my mission to be able to get dessert next time, even if I’m just as full. Word is that their Sweet Sticky Rice and Mango is delish, along with their Coconut Custard Cake.  Actually, maybe I’ll just go back right now…

…shoot, I wanted to tell you the other places I’ve been eyeing (once I can button my pants again). In case you make it there before me, let me know how it was in the comments below!  So, Full Key Restaurant, Mi La Cay and Nick’s Diner are my “next ups.”